The Glass Portal Turnstile can be integrated with a building access control system to grant or deny access to a facility. It can utilize proximity, bar code, magnetic stripe and biometric readers. The pedestrian passageway is bi-directional at all times. The moving glass security panels are 10mm tempered safety glass with polished safety edges. The passageway is directionally controlled as to not allow passage in the opposite direction of a positive card read, which prevents tailgating and invalid access into the facility. Pedestrian throughput is capable of 30 passages per minute, dependent on the access control technology. Glass Portal Turnstile operates with a 24VDC micro-controlled brushless motor, which is capable of demonstrated 10 million continuous cycles without any type of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. All engineering, fabrication, assembly, testing, burn-in and crating takes place in the U.S.

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