Videogenix introduced uSwitch PoE, which controls, monitors and auto-reboots network and IP devices while eliminating the need for additional power supplies. uSwitch PoE auto senses and auto negotiates voltages from 48 volts down, while providing 15.4 watts of power per port. For non-PoE devices, uSwitch PoE provides a 12 VDC output. uSwitch PoE automatically builds a control Web page, is password-protected and can operate as a standalone device or be controlled via the Internet or a local intranet. Users have the ability to control any device over the Web including modems, lights, sirens, doors, gates and cameras. The company’s patented Auto Reboot Ping feature allows uSwitch PoE to automatically detect failed equipment and reboot or restart them independently without human intervention. uSwitch PoE can be deployed for IP cameras, kiosks, Web signs, cellular routers, servers, DSL and cable modems, RTUs, control sensors, Smart Grid and much more.

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