According to a report released by Gemalto, consumers are putting the responsibility for protecting their personal data in the hands of the organizations holding their data, rather than themselves. 

The research, based on a survey the Gemalto conducted, found that while consumers are leaving the data-protecting responsibility with the organization holding the data, only 29 percent of consumers believe companies are taking protection of their personal data “very seriously,” and 58 percent of respondents are fearful of their data being stolen. 

The Security Industry Association commented about the study: “If consumers have made the decision that they are prepared to take risks when it comes to their security, that's fine, but should anything go wrong, they will blame the business.” 

This is increasingly becoming an opportunity for dealers and integrators to become experts offering education and knowledge to companies handling data.

Gemalto reports that 4.8 billion data records have been exposed since 2013. 

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