DataDirect Networks partnered with Synergy Solutions Management to offer organizations access to a first-of-its-kind facility in North America where users can plan, design and test video surveillance and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions and conduct training.

“Our unique facility allows us the flexibility to showcase DDN’s massively scalable, lightning-fast storage solutions, and provides unique, valuable sales support to our joint customers seeking market-leading video surveillance and high-performance storage solutions,” said Jason Morris, president and global sales, Synergy Solutions Management.

The Synergy Innovations Lab features two modern DDN systems: the SFA7700X, a hybrid-flash big data storage solution ideal for video surveillance, and the GRIDScaler GS7KX, an easy-to-deploy, high-performance, scale-out storage solution targeted toward HPC environments. For video surveillance customers, the lab works closely with consultants and system integrators to design, test and assess complete, fully operating video surveillance/physical security systems, including cameras, access control, video management software and more.

The proven team at Synergy Solutions Management will leverage its extensive experience involving integrated systems planning, mission-critical deployments, and highly regulated industries including energy, corrections, utility and federal systems, among others, to design and implement world-leading, high-performance, video surveillance storage solutions for joint DDN/Synergy Solutions Management customers, the companies reported.

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