Tyco Security Products introduced the latest version of its EntraPass security software from Kantech with the new EntraPass Go Pass mobile application that allows cardholders to use their mobile phones as an access control credential. EntraPass 7.10 software includes updates to its Microsoft Windows Active Directory integration, which now auto-synchronizes users, and extends the EntraPass Go Install app for installers to Android users. Using the EntraPass Go Pass mobile app, cardholders can gain access to doors simply by pressing the appropriate icon of the door in the app. Using Wi-Fi or cellular connection, the app communicates directly with the access control system’s server, which allows organizations to leverage their existing card reader infrastructure. With the EntraPass Go Install mobile application, installers with Android devices can now configure KT-1 and KT-400 door controllers with one touch. Using a QR code scan that auto-fills the door controller’s address and serial number, installation is faster.

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