Z-Wave Products released the first commercially available troubleshooting tool for Z-Wave networks. The Z-Wave Toolbox allows Z-Wave network installers to quickly and easily troubleshoot common issues such as interference, range issues, weak links, and connected-device placement. The Z-Wave Toolbox also allows stress testing of Z-Wave networks — both residential and commercial — and produces easy-to-decipher, colored Network Health Symbols (NHS) that indicate current performance, which results in shorter installation time of Z-Wave networks. The Z-Wave Toolbox contains three major applications: The Network Health Tester can determine link stability, quality of service, latencies and helps the user troubleshoot, optimize and deploy Z-Wave networks with confidence. The Z-Wave Packet Analyzer allows the user to see Z-Wave traffic. It helps troubleshoot connections, identify abnormal device operation, and pinpoint weak spots. The Spectrum Analyzer allows users to scan frequencies close to Z-Wave frequencies for any interference.

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