AES Corporation announced the launch of IntelliNet 2.0. The powerful IntelliNet 2.0 platform applies cutting-edge advanced security protection, enables future-ready capabilities, provides simplified unit programming, and is engineered for backward compatibility with legacy systems. The forward-compatible design allows for feature add-ons, engineered to adapt seamlessly with future software upgrades. IntelliNet 2.0 builds upon the foundation of the existing AES-IntelliNetsystem, adding a number of enhancements including: a password-protected dealer code, flexible power options and 24-hr. backup battery, and an intuitive graphic user interface, making it easy to program AES subscriber units via smartphone, laptop, tablet, or USB without the need for special cables. IntelliNet 2.0’s hardened security system with end-to-end encryption was designed as a countermeasure to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. This measure ensures that data is transmitted without eavesdropping, cloning, data tampering, and message forging.

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