The Viking K-2000-DVA is a programmable auto dialer and digital announcer. Record and store alert tones and voice announcements for on-demand playback and emergency notification. The K-2000-DVA gives the user eight inputs for recording and storing alert tones and custom voice recordings. Messages and tones can be recorded locally or remotely from a Touch Tone phone or by using the built-in audio input jack. If the unit loses power, all recordings and alert tones will remain unaffected. The versatile K-2000-DVA offers two different modes so users can choose which will work best for their application. The Store Caster mode plays messages over an existing paging system. Use the store caster mode to signal customers that the store will be closing soon, play in-store advertisements, signal an emergency, and more. The Voice Alarm Dialer mode is used to alert emergency personnel by phone. Connect each input of the K-2000-DVA to a contact output on: industrial machinery, environmental sensors, security alarms, etc. Each input will dial up to eight phone numbers when activated, deliver the recorded message, and then hang up.

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