Driven by customers’ needs to visualize live video synchronized with real-time weather, traffic, city surveillance, IoT sensors, and transportation feeds, Milestone Systems and Live Earth achieved a simple and powerful way to integrate video into a common operational picture.  

As demand rises for smarter cities, campuses and buildings, organizations are investing heavily in sensors, cameras, access control, and other IT systems, the companies said. Ensuring the best possible response time in a crisis requires a single, common visualization of all systems to understand developing situations and act quickly. Live Earth synchronizes data from multiple systems on an interactive map and seamlessly correlates live and historical video from Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) with those same data feeds. 

“With just a few clicks, you can now bring live video from every camera in your Milestone VMS system onto an immersive map and then correlate each video frame with a variety of other real-time data feeds,” said Jeff Carpenter, CEO of Live Earth. “That deep context and ability to quickly and visually correlate events is extremely insightful and impactful. We’re excited to give Milestone customers a powerful way to visualize and leverage the video intelligence they already own.”

The enabling factor behind the integration between Live Earth and the Milestone VMS is the extended integration capabilities of Live Earth’s cloud API and the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) 2016. Both provide well-documented programmatic interfaces with functions to effectively manage and share data.

Live Earth’s intuitive touch interface lets operators get started quickly, without any training. Pinch & zoom, pan & tilt in 3D, play & pause are easy features with the touch of a finger, and Live Earth can also be used with a mouse and keyboard. Simply play, pause, and rewind data to review recent events, reconstruct incidents and correlate events from multiple sources.

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