Milestone Systems has collaborated with partners ENGIE Ineo and Axis to upgrade the Council of Europe’s (headquartered in Strasbourg, France) video surveillance systems. The security project was managed by Milestone community partners Securitas and ENGIE Ineo.

The security solution, which has been live since January 2017, has secured the Council’s vast campus, including the Human Rights Building, European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare, the European Center for Youth, and the Agora building. A security surveillance and monitoring solution was installed in all access areas including the entire external perimeter. The contract also includes a five-year maintenance agreement.

ENGIE Ineo partnered with Milestone and Axis for their video expertise (video management software and network cameras respectively). The legacy analog surveillance system has been replaced with a full network video surveillance solution that delivers better performance including ease of access and retrieval of video assets, as well as a flexible solution that allows the council to tailor how locations are secured. With Milestone’s XProtect solution, the organization is now able to handle all its video safety operations through a single management interface as well as manage other security devices such as gate control systems and thermal cameras.
The project was designed to keep disruption to a minimum, taking into account the busy schedule of the Council of Europe, particularly during parliamentary sessions.
Amine Sadi, country manager france, Milestone Systems, said, “This project has once again demonstrated how effective our partnerships are. The way that we work and collaborate with the teams at ENGIE Ineo and Axis has contributed significantly to the success of this impressive installation. With Milestone’s solution, the Council of Europe now has the right surveillance management technology in place. It is perfectly tailored to their needs in terms of accessibility, scalability, cost, ease of use and performance.”