The E-32 is a vandal-resistant single-button call box providing hands-free two-way communication for a variety of applications. The E-32 is phone-line powered and connects directly to a standard C.O. line, PABX extension/station, or FXS port. The built-in dialer will cycle through five pre-programmed phone numbers when the call button is pressed. Phone number entries are stored in non-volatile memory and can be: cell phone numbers, PBX extensions, customer service call centers, etc. The E-32, which has a marine grade, 14-gauge stainless-steel faceplate with brushed finish, is equipped with intelligent call progress detection for automatic CPC disconnect and call rollover on ring-no-answer and busy tones. It can also be programmed to auto-answer an incoming call for effortless monitoring. It requires only a single twisted pair for voice and power.

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