Otto Lock is a keyless digital lock built for the family experience. Machined stainless-steel enclosures and the simplicity of the product’s design reflect intuitiveness of use. Minimalistic in appearance, Otto removes the lock and keypad, externally featuring a 2-in.-diameter stainless-steel cylinder that works as a dial and enclosure, which is surrounded by another ring. Otto consists of five simple components: a motor, ring, battery pack, bolt and strike cup. Made of machined stainless-steel for strength, precision, durability and reliability, Otto replaces standard deadbolts and can be used on doors 1.66-in. to 2-in. thick. The bolt adjusts to both short and long backsets. Via Wi-Fi, the lock automatically receives updates on security, features and integrations. The lock is accompanied by the Otto App, allowing homeowners to lock and unlock remotely using Wi-Fi, as well as invite others to access the home.
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