MUV 2-4 Motion Transmitters from JCM Technologies are multifunctional: They can work as simple radio transmitters, either programmable or not. They can be used as proximity elements so you avoid using cards or tags. And they can also work in a hands-free system. Choose the way you open your door: by radio, by proximity (13.56 MHz, MIFARE, HID 125MHz and AWID) or in a hands-free system. Optionally, installations can be managed through the Soft-Assistant management program, the tool for remotely controlling installed equipment. Therefore, you can add a transmitter in an apartment block or condominium without having to make unnecessary journeys. The Soft Assistant management software enables you to create an installation with all the units set up and the transmitters, cards and tags delivered. The installer codes stored by the receiver enable the new transmitters to be added and to exhaustively monitor all the events of the installation.
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