Open Options has partnered with Telaeris, a leader in emergency mustering systems and handheld badge reading solutions, to provide users an option in their integrated mobile access control solution.

“The native integration of XPressEntry with DNA Fusion provides Open Options customers the ability to know where their employees are in the case of an emergency and verify that everyone is accounted for safely,” said Telaeris CEO, David Carta.

Telaeris’ XPressEntry, a handheld verification and emergency mustering system, natively integrates with the DNA Fusion access control system, enabling a wide range of handheld capabilities. Utilizing Fusion’s Flex API, XPressEntry pulls employee names, photos, access privileges, and credentials and allows guards to visually validate that the credential presented matches the user. Continuous synchronization of activity between XPressEntry and DNA Fusion allows security operators to enhance security and safety by using handheld badge readers anywhere for multiple purposes where wall mounted readers are not available or possible.

In addition to the mobile feature, XPressEntry monitors the occupancy of each building, live tracking entries and exits of all personnel and visitors from both fixed badge readers and ruggedized mobile readers. This information is then available as a live view of who is inside any facility controlled by DNA Fusion.

“As a long-standing proponent of the value of open architecture in access control software and hardware, Open Options welcomes more solutions like Telaeris’ XPressEntry to the security marketplace,” said Jonathan Berman, Open Options president and general manager. “We’re excited to offer this integrated solution to our customers seeking technologically advanced mobile access control for their physical security needs.”

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