Vanderbilt’s SPC now integrates with Dutch company Triplence Technologies’ Aperium box. This has been established through Vanderbilt’s bespoke communications protocol, FlexC.

Triplence Technologies’ Aperium box provides a secure network between a customer’s IP devices and a central monitoring station (CMS). The Aperium box sits between the IP devices and an authorized receiving end and offers fast, low-bandwidth snapshot images, and high-resolution video streams when necessary for an extensive range of IP cameras. The Aperium box can also use the IP camera Video Content Analytics (VCA) events as an alarm triggers.

When integrated with Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion panel, it allows for combining intrusion alarm events with VCA verification and combining non-alarm events like access denied, door forced, and system armed/disarmed. Along with a series of snapshot images, this makes the job of the CMS operator more comfortable and increases the standard of security for end users. Through the Aperium box, SPC can now be combined with a more significant number of IP cameras of various brands, as well as other major brands of network video recorders.

“Triplence developed a solution that benefits all parties in our industry — the CMS, the installer, and the end user, by providing a combination of Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion alarm system and a comprehensive range of third-party IP camera solutions,” said Nick Pegtol, Benelux sales nanager at Vanderbilt. “The video content analysis tools found in today’s modern IP cameras can now be an integral part of a secure intrusion alarm system. This is something that has been talked about for years but not seen so far,”

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