Vector Security Networks, a provider of managed network services and physical security solutions to multi-site businesses across North America, officially expanded its healthcare market presence with a focused strategy initially targeting urgent care facilities, retail clinics, and the services segment including dialysis centers and testing laboratories. Vector Security Networks is a division of Vector Security Inc. and serves nearly 90,000 national account sites across North America.
Vector Security Networks has a complete suite of offerings that integrate together to meet the needs of patient-centric professionals, including alarm and monitoring solutions; business analytics and data reporting via its InSite portal; managed network services including broadband, Wi-Fi and SD-WAN for improved cloud services performance and compliance with security initiatives that address HIPAA and other requirements; video surveillance; access control; and cellular backup systems to help ensure connectivity.
“Our goal is to connect patient-centric professionals to our secure and managed healthcare solutions,” said Michael Grady, executive vice president, Vector Security Networks. “We intend to simplify experiences through single-sourced customized support, and collaboration with security, safety and IT to ensure a seamless deployment across multi-site enterprises. We understand how important trust is to this market and we are committed to delivering superior customer service.”

In addition to the focused strategy, Vector Security Networks hired industry veteran Steven Nibbelink, CHPA, CA-AM (pictured), to lead the healthcare strategy and go-to-market initiatives. Nibbelink brings more than 20 years of experience to the company and currently serves on the board of directors of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety Foundation. He is a member of IAHSS and earned his Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) in 2009. Nibbelink has been recognized for contributions in the field of healthcare security and safety with the IAHSS Elwood Near Presidential Award in 2011.
“We understand the challenges that today’s healthcare professionals face related to regulations and compliance; safety of patients and employees; and addressing network and security concerns,” said Steven Nibbelink, business development manager, Vector Security Networks. “Our physical security and managed network services teams have experience in the healthcare space and understand the unique needs this industry faces every day. We are committed to delivering a holistic approach that works as promised, can be trusted and solves problems.”
Vector Security currently serves a roster of healthcare customers including hospitals, drug stores, urgent care centers and pharmaceutical companies across the United States. According to the company, Vector Security Networks plans to leverage this awareness and experience, and tailor its multi-site deployment expertise to healthcare organizations effective immediately.