Vicon Industries Inc. announced that its SN673V-B Cruiser PTZ Camera has been deployed in Charleston Harbor, S.C., as part of the Coastal Conservation League’s novel project, “The Pelicam.” The Pelicam is a weather-resistant Vicon camera, mounted on a pole along with solar panels, battery back-up and a wireless transmission system, on an isolated strip of land within the harbor. Wray Lemke, Founder and Vice President of electronic and security services company Mount Pleasant Radio, volunteered his time to bring this project to fruition.

The Pelicam’s location is a popular spot for pelicans and other shore birds to build nests and raise their young because it is inaccessible to raccoons, coyotes and other natural predators. The Vicon camera’s 20X optical zoom provides close-up video of the birds, allowing biologist from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the public to witness behaviors that would not normally be observable by humans. The Conservation League makes use of the camera’s presets to quickly change between scenes, live-streaming on YouTube video of the most interesting wildlife on display at any given time. Video recorded to the camera’s local SD card is available for DNR biologists to review and study.

Andy Hollis, data and GIS analyst for the Conservation League, said, “The quality of the new camera is great. It pans and zooms exactly as it should and its high magnification gets us in really close.”

In addition to supporting the research needs of the DNR, the Pelicam is hugely popular within the community, garnering regular coverage in the local media and receiving more Web traffic than any other page within the organization’s website.

“As an advocacy organization working with local and state level government to enact programs and laws to support conservation, the Pelicam is one of the most highly effective tools we have for building public awareness and enthusiasm for our mission,” Hollis said.