Crestron, a global leader in custom home automation and control technology, announced that ekey biometric systems GmbH, a leading provider of fingerprint access solutions, is now an official Crestron integration partner. The sleek wall-mounted ekey finger scanners integrate seamlessly with Crestron 3-Series control systems. Now, Crestron residential integrators can introduce convenient one-touch door entry to their smart home designs. Fingerprint door entry also enhances security by eliminating hackable 4-digit codes and the possibility of key or access card forgery.

“ekey and Crestron took up the challenge of making door entry more secure and convenient,” said Michael Short, global residential marketing manager for Crestron. “To deliver on that, we focused on one of the aspects that makes us unique as human beings — fingerprints. Now, in essence, your finger is the key to your Crestron smart home.”

ekey products leverage biometric processes to provide reliable added security. Intelligent software even detects the growth of children’s’ fingers, minor injuries, and habit changes. They provide the additional benefit of enabling building control systems to track who’s coming in.

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