The technology wave has hit and keeps on rolling in and I saw it for real in the LG booth at CES 2019. Their curved video wall measuring well over 100 feet by 30 feet, delivered a nature experience in a whole new way with a waterfall pouring around and towards you over curved screens. Yes, I just returned from Las Vegas where I spent the week with more than 188,000 of my “closest friends,” including more than 63,000 from outside the U.S. CES 2019 was the biggest show yet with 2.9 million square feet, featuring more than 4,500 exhibiting companies. In addition, about 1,200 startups pitched their concepts in the Eureka Park Marketplace.

Cool new products were everywhere. There was much to explore around IoT, Internet of Things; smart cities, 5G, sustainability, connected devices, 3D printing, cryptocurrency and drones — to name a few. Self-driving cars and vehicle technology were prevalent; there was even a car that monitors your heart rate and senses your emotions to adjust the car environment, lighting and sounds, to complement your mood.

Smart home products, along with voice control, were all over the show floor; with better performance and easier to install, and some plays to the DIY market. One of our favorite pastimes — entertainment — is now blessed with 8K being offered on displays, delivering amazing ultra-realistic images. Immersive entertainment is growing, with many advancements in augmented and virtual reality, along with gaming. It’s all about the experience, and boy can they suspend the disbelief of a viewer or participant!

A plethora of robots were on the floor, offering to meet your everyday needs and desires with service, cleaning, and companionship. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help further their understanding and performance as they learn to enhance your experiences with them. One pitch promised harmony between human and machines, and that would be nice. How about improving your ping-pong game with Omron’s robot? I didn’t take him on, but from the matches I saw, he knows how to play.

Health and wellness had a real presence. Product offerings included digital health, accessibility, sports fitness gadgets, and other enhancements. Many of these devices have AI performing data-gathering and analytics embedded in them. Any desire for a blood-pressure wristwatch or pocket-sized ultrasound machine? Or how about a treadmill that generates electricity for your use.

Now, the beauty industry has entered the digital adventure with products that analyze your skin and improve your look. It’s interesting when a 181-year-old company, Proctor & Gamble, offers a magic wand that erases your freckles.

Let’s look at how this madness could impact you and your business. First, DIY security is definitely growing but so is the overall market and there’s a place for professionally installed home and business security and automation systems. I visited an industry specialist’s booth, Interlogix, and explored their custom and turnkey automation solutions. They shared that over the next five years, the number of homeowners installing a security/automation system is estimated to nearly double, making this a great go-to market.

A new security product I found may be just the answer to increase revenues and recurring monthly revenue. The gunfire detector by detects a gun shot within six seconds and gives an estimate of the caliber used and the number of shots fired. It’s easy to install with little set up. While I don’t like that our world has come to needing a product like this, it certainly can make a positive difference in these unwanted situations, and is an opportunity for your business to continue to make the world a safer place.

Now back to that wave: It’s rapidly gaining size and momentum, and there’s no end in sight. Many of you probably don’t make it to these kinds of shows, but you can follow the industry and new opportunities online and in print. Be curious and continue learning from your manufacturers, industry associations, and publications.


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