The SR250 is the newest solution in Magos’ perimeter protection lineup. Utilizing the same multiple input and output and digital beam forming technologies found in the SR1000 and SR500, the SR250 covers an area of more than 15 acres and detects targets at up to 250 meters. The multi-beam solid-state technology lacks moving parts, ensuring a more reliable system. With a range in azimuth of 120-deg. and in elevation of 30-deg., the radar provides superior coverage in all weather and lighting conditions without degradation. Boasting an ultra-high range resolution of 0.4m, the SR250 has excellent performance in both sparse and more cluttered environments, helping to combat the issue of false alarms. The SR250 works within a security ecosystem to cue pan-tilt-zoom cameras when events are triggered, giving security officers a visual verification of the threat and allowing them to keep an eye on the suspect as they move.