The new version 5.8 of Genetec’s Security Center offers customizable live dashboards, enhanced privacy protection features, a new map-driven mobile app, and new functionalities that help users actively monitor the health of their system and ensure compliance with cyber security best practices. Security Center 5.8 will enable users to create custom dashboards that will display real-time data, such as video feeds, alarms, reports and charts in a way that is meaningful to them and their specific job function. Users can set up their dashboards using simple point-and-click tools, and instantly combine data from the entire Genetec portfolio (video, access control, ALPR, etc.) in one screen. It will introduce a brand-new collaborative mobile app to provide operators complete access to their Security Center system from anywhere. With the new KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor feature, the system will automatically detect potential camera position changes, loss of image quality or tampering, and alert administrators immediately. 

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