The DirectIP super fisheye 5MP compact camera (DC-Y6513RX) is the latest in the company’s “super fisheye” range of DirectIP fisheye cameras, well-known for their dual-side dewarping and smart UX controls, allowing for smooth and intuitive panning, tracking and zooming with ease and accuracy. The DC-Y6513RX is able to capture high-definition images in all lighting conditions without blind spots, allowing users to benefit from heat mapping without the hassle and cost of additional appliances or analytics software. A broad, high-specification camera, in a compact form factor, the new DirectIP 5MP IR compact fisheye is as powerful as it is reliable and affordable, and, as a compact model with features and functionality previously seen only in the significantly larger 12MP super fisheye model, the DC-Y6513RX can be easily installed, the manufacturer described.