Hawk extends the extreme accuracy, life-saving detection capabilities and cost effectiveness of Shot Tracer’s proven gunshot detection solutions to encompass exterior locations. By automatically detecting and pushing notifications of gunshot activity from the instant an incident begins to unfold, Hawk empowers security personnel and first responders to best manage active shooter situations before a facility is breached. It is as easy to implement as its indoor equivalent, Shot Tracer’s Eagle. Hawk easily integrates with virtually any security, alarm, surveillance and access system via contact closure (Hawk AP) — or wirelessly via IP integration (Hawk IP). Upon detection of a gunshot, Hawk AP immediately sends a contact closure alert to the facility's alarm panel indicating if it was a single or multiple gunshot event. Hawk IP sends alerts of detected gunshots’ time, location and number of shots fired over Verizon (USA) or Vodafone (Global) wireless services to user-designated individuals including local police and medical facilities.

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