OpenEye, a provider of cloud managed video surveillance solutions, announced the integration of its OpenEye Web Services (OWS) cloud managed video platform with SureView Systems’ Immix Central Station software. This cloud-to-cloud integration provides video verification of alarm events transmitted to the central station from an alarm panel or events raised by OpenEye recorders such as video loss or video analytics.

This integration is a collaborative effort that will allow Immix Central Station operators to view live video, receive alarm notifications and health alerts, and capture and archive video at the central station during an active alert using the Immix software. Immix integration with OWS gives Immix CS users a powerful new video verification option and allows them to benefit from the increased reliability of remote video connections thanks to the OWS Web Connect technology.

Immix software associates events with on-site video and audio devices, displaying it to the central station operator in a way that is highly automated and easy to use. Combining the ability to receive events from UL-certified burglar and fire alarm systems with video and audio confirmation, Immix delivers a powerful product to today’s central stations. Immix CS is a software product that operates in a central station and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface.

Users of Immix CS and OpenEye Web Services are now able to view live and recorded video directly within the Immix software, as well as receive event information generated by OWS’s powerful Alerts service in the cloud.

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