According to a recent report published by business intelligence provider IHS Markit, Genetec Inc., a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has become one of the fastest growing providers of access control software in the world. The IHS report showed Genetec rising to the number three position in the Americas region (with a 45 percent growth in business in the region), and to the number six position globally in 2018.

According to the report, Access Control Intelligence Service Annual Update for Global and Regional Databases 2019, “The advanced analytical capabilities of Genetec Security Center software have led Genetec to take market share from competitors, and several traditional access control equipment manufacturers have partnered with Genetec to take advantage of their superior software capabilities. As a result, the Genetec software business grew nearly 45 percent in the Americas in 2018 to reach a 7.8 percent market share in the region.”

“Broad adoption of Genetec Synergis demonstrates that our focus on offering a unified enterprise-class access control platform is putting us in a strong leadership position,” said Thibaut Louvet, product group director, access control, Genetec. “Genetec is capturing market share based on innovative technology and this is resulting in strong organic growth of our access control business worldwide.” 

According to IHS Markit (2017 Video Surveillance Market Share Database, 2017 Access Control Intelligence Database and 2018 ANPR & Detection Sensors Report) Genetec is the only security and public safety solutions developer to hold top 10 global rankings across all physical security industry sectors including video management software, access control software and automatic license plate recognition software.