Johnson Controls announced Tyco Cloud, a new cloud-based security suite developed to help customers move costly and complex security infrastructure for access control and video surveillance to the cloud. With Tyco Cloud, organizations can reduce costs, improve enterprise security management and scale security operations on demand, providing unlimited possibilities to deliver security services over the internet.

Tyco Cloud allows users to protect lives, assets and facilities through management of access control, video surveillance and other security operations using secure cloud services and connected devices such as cloud cameras and controllers.

“Our customers worldwide are embracing and accelerating digital transformation to make their businesses more intelligent, agile and cost effective,” said Martin Renkis, general manager of Cloud Solutions, Global Security Products at Johnson Controls. “Tyco Cloud empowers this digital transformation with on-demand security management that enables organizations to securely and cost-effectively customize their video surveillance and access control solutions based on site-specific and enterprise-wide requirements.”

For video surveillance, organizations can enable Tyco Cloud with any Illustra Cloud Camera or leverage existing camera systems using Tyco Cloud Gateways, which will automatically locate existing cameras from dozens of different manufacturers on a network and enable secure cloud management of those cameras. 

Tyco Cloud enables video storage in camera, in gateway, in low latency cloud, in high latency cloud or a hybrid combination to support unlimited flexibility and cost effectiveness. The intuitive interface allows users to customize multiple recording parameters, such as which cameras to record and for how long; video resolution; as well as create unique upload schedules to minimize bandwidth consumption. The service also offers Cold Cloud video storage for cost effective, high latency online archiving. The new Hyper View feature enables users to search through 24 hours of recorded video from up to 100 cameras within 60 seconds. Tyco Cloud surveillance also supports powerful analytics such as heat mapping, object detection and crowd formation to name a few.

For access control, the new ioSmart solutions from Tyco Cloud empower smartphone-based mobile credentials and smart key managed access control for companies to securely allow personnel to conveniently access facilities using their smartphones without the security risk of lost, stolen, or cloning of legacy card technologies. Tyco Cloud ioSmart was cloud-first designed to deliver convenience, cost savings and advanced security for access control.

“For systems integrators, Tyco Cloud will help them to deliver the value proposition that is expected from the cloud today ­– reliability and expandability,” said Eli Gorovici, general manager, access control and video, Global Security Products, Johnson Controls. “Cloud-based solutions also allow integrators to meet the requirements of customers who have structured their budgets using a more desirable operating expense basis, versus a traditional upfront capital approach.”

The introduction of Tyco Cloud follows the recent announcement that its flagship access control and event management system, Tyco Software House C-CURE 9000, is also deployable in the cloud. (For more on this visit

“The power of the cloud also means ease of maintenance and labor savings for systems integrators,” Renkis said. “When you can use the cloud to manage your client’s services and even reboot field devices or takes locks offline, that can add up to significant labor and field technician savings.”

The Tyco Cloud Enterprise Manager portal provides users with a comprehensive view of their entire security solution through a single interface. It provides real-time status and management of every connected device on a clickable global map. This simple dashboard also enables tracking and management of users, bandwidth utilization, cloud storage and device firmware.

Additionally, Tyco Cloud secures all data from any device to the cloud and to the end user. Every connected device as well as the cloud platform are supported by the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program, which delivers enhanced safeguards against cyber attacks, including additional controls for proper password management and end to end encrypted communications.

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