Pivot3, a provider of intelligent infrastructure solutions, announced that its large-scale surveillance solution is the recipient of the 2019 Campus Safety Best Award, which recognizes the most innovative solutions designed to enhance security and safety in campus environments.

Selected for demonstrating excellence in the video surveillance category, Pivot3’s large-scale surveillance solution provides the performance that is required for large-scale environments at a lower cost than any other enterprise solution. This honor marks the fourth award Pivot3 has received for the large-scale solution within the past year, after it was also recognized as a 2018 Innovative Product Award winner at Global Security Exchange, a 2018 ASTORs Award honoree and the recipient of BUILDINGS Magazine’s 2019 Money-Saving Product Award. 

The solution was designed to support video surveillance and IoT security deployments of 500TB or more, which is typical of large organizations, such as education or healthcare campuses. With the Pivot3 solution, campuses can streamline enterprise-scale video and IoT deployments by hosting video management software, and other security and IT applications and storage on a modular, scalable appliance. This significantly lowers cost and delivers higher rack density for multi-PB video installations with the lowest price point in the market for scalable video surveillance infrastructure.

Pivot3’s infrastructure is designed to handle the resilience and performance requirements of video surveillance, security and IoT applications, where compliance and data protection are paramount. Pivot3 ensures video integrity is delivered constantly, without interruption or degradation. If multiple hardware failures occur, servers remain online, and previously recorded data is protected and available if needed for forensic purposes. Pivot3 also supports mixed workloads and can host multiple security and traditional data center applications on a single device, delivering return on investment for organizations across the globe.

"Complex campus environments depend on a security solution that is user-friendly, cost-effective and scalable to create the foundation for safe campuses," said Brandon Reich, vice president, security and IoT, Pivot3. “This recognition helps drive more opportunities to provide intelligent infrastructure solutions that improve safety, reduce risks and liabilities and improve incident response times.”