ADS Security recently promoted veteran security executive Victor Chapman to vice president of acquisitions. Chapman has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and has spent the past four years with ADS Security as a training manager.

In his new position, Chapman will work alongside Paul Dyson, who currently leads ADS’ acquisition efforts, to coordinate acquisition and growth activity to expand ADS Security’s presence. Specifically, he will oversee the identification, evaluation and recommendation of acquisition candidates ensuring all prospective candidates align with ADS Security’s mission and strategic direction. 

“It’s a fact that home security saves lives and gives families peace of mind,” Chapman said. “I look forward to on-boarding new security companies so we can expand our services and help keep more communities safe.”  

Prior to his promotion, Chapman was the training and development manager for ADS Security. In this role, he developed training content for the ADS customer care and the monitoring center support team, on-boarded new technicians and provided guidance on product and vendor decisions. 

“Victor’s contributions have had a tremendous and positive impact,” said Craig Leyers, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We are confident that he is well suited for this role, and we are looking forward to growing our network under his leadership. With his extensive industry knowledge, having previously served as both an integrator and with a manufacturer, Victor brings valuable insight to the position.”  

Chapman is a multi-year participant at the ADS Security President’s Club, where his contributions are widely celebrated, was honored at the Honeywell 2013 President’s Club, and has been recognized with the Honeywell Growth Award.