Resideo Technologies Inc. today unveiled its AirCycle Indoor Air Quality program and Buoy Whole Home Water Controller at CONNECT 2019, the company’s annual customer conference.


“We’re looking forward to bringing together all of our pros for this annual event for networking, learning, and to discuss how we can help homeowners make their homes more secure, safe and comfortable,” said Mike Nefkens, president and CEO of Resideo. “There’s no one better positioned to simplify the connected home than these professionals. Every day they are sitting across the table from homeowners who are frustrated with systems that don’t work well together and whose critical appliances — furnaces, water heaters, plumbing — are vulnerable and unprotected. We believe there is a better way.”


Now in its 30th year of the event, Resideo has expanded CONNECT to focus across the four key networks of the home: air, water, and energy — in addition to security. CONNECT 2019 attendees will include more than 400 professionals supporting home security and automation, but also HVAC contractors, plumbers and electricians. Attendees can participate in 40 interactive and educational sessions, have strategic discussions with Resideo’s leadership team, network on building stronger businesses and see and learn about the latest smart home Resideo technologies.


Buoy Whole Home Water Controller

Homeowners’ insurance companies pay $9.1 billion in water damage claims annually, and industry studies estimate that 93 percent of that could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shutoff. The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller can help homeowners track and manage their water, and can automatically shut off the water if it detects a leak. Professionally installed on the main water line, the device contains what Resideo described as a sophisticated flow sensor and advanced, machine-learning technology. It can detect even small water flow leaks and alert homeowners through the app when there is unusual water activity, the company reported.


For the first time, the controller is available through Resideo’s professional channel, offering installers a new revenue stream and business differentiator. The controller also offers a construction mode feature that helps protect a job site from water damage, without the need for Wi-Fi. Professionals can learn more and purchase through their distributors.


AirCycle Program

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) remains one of the biggest business-building opportunities in HVAC, and Resideo’s AirCycle Program helps HVAC professionals reframe the IAQ conversation with homeowners using a custom indoor air quality report. The report is based on data delivered by the AirCycle Pro Monitor, which Resideo described as a sophisticated diagnostic device that measures six key IAQ indicators in 30 minutes: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, humidity, odors and smells, and temperature.


With the AirCycle Program, through training and measurable, meaningful data that simplifies the indoor air quality (IAQ) conversation, technicians are empowered to solve IAQ issues in the home. The program includes a full-day of training for contractors and an AirCycle Pro monitor that generates a report, complete with product recommendations. Pros can learn more by contacting their Resideo sales rep to schedule a training.


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