Arcules, a leading innovator of integrated cloud-based video and access control services, announced a partnership with Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI) to provide its Integrated Video Surveillance Service to modern enterprises. The collaboration is intended to be global, starting across North America. 

The partnership between Arcules and Siemens demonstrates the increasing importance of cloud-based security solutions, which have recently experienced tremendous growth. By offering the Arcules service, Siemens can deliver a robust, cloud-based solution to help modern businesses create efficient, safe, responsive and responsible environments at significant cost savings over on-premise solutions.

“Arcules delivers technology that allows us to offer highly reliable and scalable cloud solutions to our customers while enabling us to differentiate ourselves in the market,” said Werner Braun, head of portfolio management security, Siemens AG. “The benefits of cloud-based physical security are proven — and the time to adopt cloud is now. Siemens is excited to offer this innovative solution to our customers looking for comprehensive security management.”

The Arcules Service works by integrating with thousands of surveillance cameras, bringing geographically dispersed business locations into a single view and correlating data across video and sensor data. This oversight provides valuable and actionable analytics to business leaders. It allows distributed organizations the ability to centrally manage the entire video operations, aggregate data and transform video data into powerful operational insights while reducing the burden and cost of system management, the company reported.

“Building on our experience creating these on-demand offerings to meet security requirements, the Arcules Service supports more cameras and enables customers to scale faster, which broadens the dependable options available for Siemens customers,” said Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules. “We look forward to engaging further with the Siemens team and its customer base to ensure the Arcules Service is maximized across all deployments.”

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