RemoteLock — which went through a rebrand approximately 18 months ago — has always been in the lock business, cutting its teeth in the vacation rental space. But now, the company has evolved into focusing on software versus hardware. 

“What sets us apart from other software companies is that our software obviously supports the locks that we make, but beyond that, we also have integrations with most of the smart locks on the market,” said Kim Garcia, director of dealer marketing, RemoteLock. “Our software can bring multiple kinds of locks into a single platform so you can manage all of the individual requirements like pin code length, the number of users, all those variables that every lock has.”

RemoteLock offers universal access control by controlling wireless locks from a variety of manufacturers (including Yale, Schlage and Kwikset) as well as wired access solutions on a single cloud-based platform with no onsite panel required. The company also has its own line of wireless locks, and an integration with Mercury Security controllers so wired access applications can all be on the same platform. 

All of these locks can be controlled through the RemoteLock platform regardless of connection technology (WiFi, Zwave, IP, data on card, algorithm, BLE), lock capability (100-100,000 codes, communication protocol) or credential (pin, prox, mobile, biometric). 

“If you’re working with a property that has no locks installed, you get to come in and set everything up to be unified, but that’s just not the world we live in, so usually you’re working with a system that already has a variety of locks,” Garcia said. “For that, the integration of the locks as well as hardware and hardwired access control into a single application is good.”

The RemoteLock solution has opened more than 100 million doors a year in more than 65 countries worldwide — partly due to the ease of use for those managing vacation rentals through sites like Airnbnb. 

“We have direct software integrations with the backend of Airbnb,” Garcia said. “That’s been a great opportunity for us in the market, because it really allows for a better user experience for the people that own, as well as those who rent, those properties . . . it’s a simple process, and it makes it easy.”

RemoteLock also makes things easier for systems integrators, offering a turnkey managed access-as-a-service for those looking for an RMR opportunity. Integrators can remotely manage access control for all of their customers from a single platform, and RemoteLock even offers options to help integrators manage their customer billing, along with powerful reporting tools for the integrators and their end users. 

“RMR is so important now, especially through this channel, and our solution is built for that, so dealers can add RMR to their business using our software,” Garcia said. “And our different ways of billing makes things really easy for the dealers, which I think has been an obstacle for the market over the last few years.”

Looking towards the future, the team at RemoteLock is working to build its channel footprint.  

“We’ve been working with dealers and locksmiths over the years to fill those larger commercial requests from Fortune 500 companies, so the opportunity to grow in the commercial side of the business by building up our integrator channel through 2020 is a major focus for us,” Garcia said.