3xLOGIC Inc., a provider of integrated security solutions, continues to support and sponsor Bolt for the Heart, which promotes several events that raise funds to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the hands of first responders, and train staff on successful AED usage.

This Thanksgiving, more than 3,500 people gathered to support the 8th Annual Bolt for the Heart 5K Run/Walk in Carmel, Ind. Team 3xLogic, a silver sponsor of the event, joined the fun to raise money and help raise awareness for heart disease education.

It was a record year for the event, with a 30 percent increase in participation over the 2018 race. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the race go toward the purchase and donation of AEDs to equip sheriff patrol cars throughout Indiana.

In addition to the Thanksgiving run, 3xLOGIC also supported the organization by sponsoring a table at the Heart Reach/Bolt for the Heart “Fuelicious: A Celebration of Heart Health and Horsepower” in August. 3xLOGIC purchased an AED to equip a Westfield, Ind. police car that was on display for that event.

The original Bolt for the Heart mission to place an AED in every Indiana state police patrol car is now complete. The mission now switches focus to every police car in Indiana and every state police patrol car across the United States. Learn more at https://boltfortheheart.com/carmel-5k-run-walk/.