IDIS’ new lineup of Edge VA bullet and dome cameras feature onboard analytics that build on the power of IDIS instant meta filtering, allowing users to easily access and search large volumes of video data using the cost- and license-free IDIS Center VMS, speeding up investigations from days and hours to minutes. The full toolkit of high accuracy, easy-to-use, new Edge VA functionality includes line cross, loitering and object detection, as well as other useful features such as audio detection, active-tampering, trip zones and alarm in capability. The new domes include full HD IR domes (DC-D6233RX), full HD flush IR domes (DC-D6233FRX), full HD vandal-resistant IR domes (DC-D6233HRX and DC-6243HRX) and the LightMaster full HD IR dome (DC-D6233HRXL). All the new dome models deliver full HD (1080p) resolution, two-way audio, IDIS smart failover protection against loss of data and outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions with true WDR easily handling rapidly changing light and shade. The same powerful features are delivered with the new full-HD bullet camera range too, which includes models with built-in heaters (DC-T6233HRX and DC6243HRX), IR tech and a PIR sensor (DC-T6234HRX) and an addition to the IDIS LightMaster range.