The new CA4K access manager app adds another level of convenient intuitive mobile control to Continental Access’ flagship CA4K enterprise integrated access control software (v1.1 or higher), which also supports push notifications (or emails) in the event of an emergency, threat level escalation or lockdown events (shown). The app acts as a virtual enterprise workstation in every security manager’s pocket on any smart device, and provides easy, effective management of threat levels, lockdown, status and personnel. It also controls all doors (1 to 32,000), wireless PIN/Prox locks and elevators and entryways. The app itself also enables logged access via a customizable list of approved entry points without a physical credential. It boasts universal access functionality — i.e., it can be used to access any lock or reader (brand) on the CA4K enterprise access control system. Likewise, integrators can simply shake their smartphone to swap between multiple clients’ hosted or remotely managed systems.

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