IPVideo Corp. released version 2.0 of its Halo smart sensor. With this new firmware upgrade, the Halo sensor is moving from a vape and THC detector to much more. The previous version was capable of detecting vaping, vaping with THC, as well as temperature, humidity and smoke detection. The Halo smart sensor allows organizations to automatically detect vaping, vaping with THC and even masking (when a person tries to cover up vaping with another aerosol scent), which is included in this latest release. The sensor is ideal for dormitories and schools, as well as a host of other organizations with its additional detection abilities.

The latest version includes many new features and one of them is a spoken keyword alert. If someone in the area says the Halo keyword, security or management are immediately and automatically notified of the alert, along with the exact location. In addition, the alert triggers an audible message through the smart sensor that says an emergency has been declared and help is on the way.

Another new feature of Halo 2.0 is gunshot detection. Active shooter technology is automatically included as part of the latest version of audio analytics. When gunshots are detected, an instant alert is sent via SMS, email or through an organization’s VMS to alert personnel of the situation. Added machine learning capabilities in the sensor help to establish audio normalcies in the environment which enhance the performance of the audio analytics and learn normal audio levels to decrease chance of false alerts.

According to David Antar, president at IPVideo Corp., beyond the obvious myriad benefits to the education sector, ideal verticals for the Halo smart sensor include healthcare, manufacturing, commercial applications and hotels.

In addition to more features coming down the pipeline this year, the company, which sells the product 100% through the channel, has also been hard at work introducing training programs on developing a solid organizational policy as well as anti-vaping education programs, shared Antar.