BriefCam released significant advancements to its product portfolio, including v5.6 of its video content analytics platform, as well additional deployment models that further enable customers to fully leverage its video surveillance investments. The latest release also includes improvements in performance, accuracy and usability across its product lines. New v5.6 capabilities include: license plate recognition designed especially for “in the wild” surveillance scenarios; BriefCam’s differentiated license plate recognition that enables users to search video and pinpoint vehicle license plates across cameras and videos based on watchlists; data uploads and existing video; people counting that configures count-based rules to monitor and alert on the increase or decrease of people in a pre-defined range of view or area; a mobile app that allows users to pinpoint faces in video by leveraging face recognition capabilities to view and select faces found in videos and search for their appearances across other cameras; and BriefCam Investigator, Cloud Edition, BriefCam’s initial cloud offering that allows law enforcement agencies to take advantage of rapid video investigation for file-based video ingestion without any on-premise hardware requirements. 

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