The SFP1008-WP+ is an 8-in. access control reader that has the power to recognize faces (with or without a mask on), palms and fevers. The device is hands-free, promoting hygienic door access. The thermal sensor on the reader detects body temperature to recognize if a person has a fever (Accurate up to 0.6 deg. F from up to 2 ft. away) and deny when a fever is detected. The SFP1008-WP+ is also IP68 weatherproof and IK04 vandal resistant. The SFP1008-WP+ recognizes up to 50,000 faces from up to 8 ft. away and 5,000 palms from 2 ft. away, with a matching speed of less than 0.5 seconds. Enrolling faces is easy with the SpeedFace reader because it supports remote enrollment from a mobile device. The reader can operate in both total darkness and bright sunlight (<50,000 Lux). It can assist in contagious disease surveillance by providing fast and accurate body temperature measurement and masked individual identification during facial and palm verification at all access points.

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