The recently enhanced Video Insight VMS is a powerful yet easy-to-use enterprise VMS platform with sophisticated plug-in architecture and programmable features that fully integrates the i-PRO MonitorCast access control platform to deliver system management and control with unlimited scalability. Significant enhancements to Video Insight include: smart sensor integration that triggers alerts upon vape detection, as well as the detection of various other environmental impurities; visitor management integration; support for Intel ninth generation chipsets for enhanced server performance; a new VI-TV+ client to support Apple TV media boxes; joystick integration; advanced rules management; a preview of facial recognition redaction to blur individuals’ faces on recorded video used in forensic investigations for privacy protection; and more. VI-TV+ improvements include a revamped user interface, H.264 and H.265 support for live and recorded video, enhanced search feature, user favorites feature, 360-deg. fish eye camera de-warping, and performance and stability improvements.

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