Bosch announced the launch of INTEOX, a camera platform designed to modernize the security industry. The fully open platform gives users, system integrators and application developers freedom for innovation and customization.

The INTEOX open camera platform combines built-in video analytics from Bosch with performance, a commonly used open OS, and the ability to add software apps securely. The platform supports the latest technologies; for example, neural network based analytics. INTEOX enables app developers and integration partners to take advantage of its built-in intelligence and capabilities to develop software apps based on a common language. At the same time, system integrators can customize security solutions to meet specific and changing customer requirements by adding apps and deploying them into INTEOX cameras.

“As sophisticated sensors with intelligent video analytics built-in as standard, INTEOX cameras can provide valuable data that can be analyzed and used in a wide variety of new and beneficial ways, many of which the industry can only imagine. Bosch supports the platform with the highest levels of data security and privacy protection, and the quality and simplicity that comes with working with Bosch,” said Michael Seiter, senior vice president, responsible for the Bosch Video Systems & Solutions business.

The INTEOX camera platform will power an entirely new line of MIC, AUTODOME, FLEXIDOME, and DINION fixed and moving cameras supported by an open IoT infrastructure. Developed by Security and Safety Things GmbH, a Bosch start-up company, this IoT infrastructure is based on four pillars:

•           An open OS based on Android Open Source Project and strengthened for increased security

•           An application store to access relevant app information, browse the public store and purchase ready-to-use apps for all INTEOX cameras

•           A web portal for app developers and designers that offers information and tools to develop and test apps

•           A device management portal that shows app and device health statistics and enables easy management of apps

The INTEOX cameras, together with the IoT infrastructure, enable app developers, system integrators, integration partners, and other market players to create customer-specific apps and insert them easily into INTEOX cameras. “INTEOX will fuel innovation that is beyond the scope of any single company today. The introduction of this open camera platform will accelerate the future growth of the entire security and safety industry,” Seiter said.

The first cameras based on the INTEOX platform are expected from July 2020 onwards.