ESA’s National Training School released 19 hours of online CEU courses on workplace essentials. Mastery of soft skills – such as conflict resolution or time management – can help job candidates and current employees grow in their careers. Strong time management, goal setting and conflict resolution capabilities are just some of the soft skillsets that are difficult to measure but serve as the glue that keeps an effective team producing. 

With requests fielded from electronic security and life safety professionals to develop and nurture these soft skills in the industry, ESA’s National Training School announced 10 new Workplace Essentials courses designed to meet this demand. 


These courses offer 19 hours of total training that teach employees how to enhance their interpersonal skills and personal effectiveness in a variety of ways. Courses include:  

  • Customer Support – 2 hrs  
  • Civility in the Workplace – 3 hrs  
  • Creative Problem Solving – 2 hrs  
  • Time Management – 2 hrs  
  • Conflict Resolution – 2 hrs    
  • Diversity in the Workplace – 2 hrs   
  • Goal Setting and Getting Things Done – 1 hr   
  • Handling a Difficult Customer – 2 hrs  
  • Harassment in the Workplace – 2 hrs  
  • Violence in the Workplace – 1 hr   

ESA’s National Training School has identified libraries of soft skills courses with a focus on delegation, discipline, communication and good workplace habits. Professionals armed with strong workplace essentials skillsets are better equipped to establish processes that ensure productivity. 

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