Openpath’s free Wave to Unlock feature is part of a new firmware release, helping reduce common touch points and allowing a contactless user experience at a safe distance. Users can wave their hand in front of a reader from a safe distance in order to unlock an entry, and Openpath’s Triple-Unlock technology that works over Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth, guarantees a fast and reliable connection. Users can also open a door directly from the Openpath app. This feature is part of Openpath’s offerings to help companies operate their spaces during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Openpath’s enterprise-grade access control platform is deployed across a wide range of sectors including commercial real estate, manufacturing/industrial, offices, retail, schools, gyms and places of worship. Openpath has been closely tracking unlocks nationwide since late February as part of its Social Distancing Index to help companies monitor and adapt to new protocols.

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