The O2TML is a 100 percent contactless solution designed to screen for masks, temperature and face detection. It is equipped with an 8-in. LCD screen, dual lens camera, and an infrared sensor. The O2TML can recognize faces with a mask, will detect when a mask-less face is presented and will trigger a voice alarm when an abnormal temperature is detected. It supports remote live view and two-way audio and is equipped with a Wiegand input/output that can be used for access control. The infrared contactless sensor provides a reading within a few seconds and at a distance of approximately one foot. It has an accuracy of ± 0.5 deg. F and will trigger an audible voice alarm for normal or elevated temperatures. Temperature range is from 32 deg.~122 deg. F, and the threshold can be adjusted by the user. This is not a medical device and should be used indoors for maximum accuracy. 

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