Can Your Fire Alarm System Survive?

All Answers relate to NFPA 101, 2018 Edition

1. PVC must be supported at intervals not exceeding the values in Table __________ of NFPA 70.
A. 352.30
B. 330.30
C. 250.50
D. 352.44
2. ___________ conduit shall be permitted for exposed work. When used exposed in areas of physical damage, it shall be identified for such use.
NFPA 70, 352.10
3. _________ shall not be used where subject to physical damage or in lengths longer than 6 feet, barring exceptions.
4. Pathway Survivability Level 2 shall consist of all of the following except ____________.
A. two-hour fire-rated circuit integrity (CI) or fire-resistive cable
B. two-hour fire-rated cable system [electrical circuit protective system(s)]
C. a fully automatic sprinkler system
D. two-hour fire-rated enclosure or protected area
NFPA 72, 12.4.3
5. ____________ shall not be used where conduits or connectors requiring the use of locknuts or bushings are to be connected to the side of the box.
A. Fan box
B. Round box
C. 1900 box
D. Oval box
NFPA 70, 314.2
6. Shared Pathway Level 0 shall be required to segregate or prioritize life safety data from non-life safety data.
A. True
B. False
7. Monitoring for integrity __________ require the conductors for ground-fault detection where a single ground-fault does not prevent the required normal operation of the system.
A. shall
B. shall not
C. must
D. must not
NFPA 72, 12.6.11
8. Circuits for Class X using physical conductors shall be routed so that they are routed separately except for a maximum of __________ where they enter or exit the control unit.
A. 5 feet
B. 10 feet
C. 5 meters
D. 25 feet
9. Pathways shall be designated based on the ___________.
A. direction of the circuits 
B. performance characteristics 
C. manufacturers’ specifications
D. direction of the electromotive force exerted on the circuits
10. When two or more systems are interconnected, the systems shall be connected using Class ____________ circuits.
A. A only
B. A, B, C or N
C. B, C, N or X
D. A, B, N or X
NFPA 72, 12.6.16
11. Surface nonmetallic raceways and associated fitting shall be supported in accordance with ______________.
A. manufacturers’ installation instructions
B. section 355.10 of NFPA 70
C. UL specifications and listings
D. guidelines provided by the owner as to the placement
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Complete the NFPA 70 Table 

Where FMT is bent for installation purposes and is not flexed or bent as required by use after installation, the radii of bends measured to the inside of the bend shall not be less than specified in a table within NFPA 70.  Complete the table and identify which table is to be used.5 min Quiz question

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Complete the NFPA 70 Table — Answer

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