Hanwha Techwin’s new occupancy monitoring system and mask detection analytic for its P series AI cameras is a license-free occupancy monitoring solution that uses AI to accurately detect and count people entering and exiting premises from multiple entrances while dynamically displaying the current occupancy level for customers and staff. Mask detection analytics detect if masks are worn or worn improperly and send out alerts, including customizable audio messages directly from the cameras. The occupancy monitoring system is a serverless design and runs completely in-camera, on the edge. When the maximum occupancy of an area is reached, the application automatically displays a red “Wait” message along with the number of people currently inside to help customers conform to social distancing policy. When numbers are below the threshold, a green “welcome” message is displayed. The public-facing display messages are customizable and can include the name of the business in addition to “stop” or “go” indicators. The system can also generate alarm outputs to control automatic doors and traffic beacons for additional control. The system can aggregate and process data from multiple cameras, making it ideal for buildings with multiply entry and exit points. The display can be driven by either a decoder with HDMI output or a small PC displaying a full screen browser in kiosk mode.

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