Today, ADT Commercial, a provider of security, fire, life safety and risk management solutions to commercial customers in the U.S., announced the hiring of three senior-level security professionals to join ADT Commercial’s Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG). The new members of the team boast wide-ranging experience in Fortune 500 companies, healthcare and law enforcement to help commercial organizations as they focus on business continuity, resiliency and adopting best practices in disruptive and uncertain times. 

“Today’s unprecedented external pressures expose businesses to new risks that require thoughtful planning and expert counsel in public safety, communications, risk, resilience and security,” said Ed Bacco, vice president of ADT Commercial’s Enterprise Security Risk Group. “These accomplished professionals represent the unparalleled commitment and resources of ADT Commercial’s eSRG and are true innovators who have served in roles similar to many of our customers. They bring a sophisticated, 360-degree view to identify threats, then build custom programs to help manage risk in an increasingly complex world.” 

Staffed by senior executives with backgrounds in intelligence, business stability, organizational change and technology, members of ADT Commercial’s eSRG independently assess the risks facing its customer organizations, identify the people and process metrics to continuously improve performance, provide managed services to enhance internal staff, build a value-based security program and plan and create a technology roadmap to make the most of a company’s people and processes. 

Members joining the ADT Commercial Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) include: 

  • Chris Fowler has been named eSRG director of global risk services. Fowler brings more than 25 years’ experience in law enforcement, strategic planning and policy development to the role, and has also served as Brigadier General for the Washington Army National Guard. Fowler has developed comprehensive training programs on active shooter scenarios and workplace violence, and implemented national best practices recognized for their effectiveness by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). In his role as director of global risk services, Fowler’s varied background in law enforcement will be leveraged to provide key insights for commercial customers in evaluating strategies and solutions to boost incident response efficiency, optimize environmental design and develop crisis management plans. 
  • Patricia Coureas joins ADT Commercial as eSRG principal consultant, bringing 30 years’ experience with the FBI as well as a proven track record of success in building and managing global security for a Fortune 500 organization. Coureas delivered threat prevention and resolution to global business systems in Europe, Latin America and Asia, providing asset protection by identifying vulnerabilities, strengthening incident management and crisis resolution and ensuring business continuity. Coureas is focused on helping prepare companies for the unexpected, while also minimizing risk with a growth mindset to deliver results that preserve and help to increase business performance. 
  • David LaRose enhances ADT Commercial’s presence in the healthcare security arena as an eSRG Principal Consultant, showing industry leadership during his 35 years of experience providing healthcare security, safety and law enforcement solutions to customers. In his role, he’ll advise organizations on considerations to more readily achieve patient and staff safety, quality patient experience, regulatory compliance, enterprise security best practices and enterprise risk management. LaRose is the past president for the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security’s Board of Director (IAHSS) and currently serves on the ASIS Healthcare Council. 

“As organizations across the country work to safely reopen their businesses in our communities, the newest additions to our eSRG team mean that ADT Commercial is further poised to assist commercial clients more readily and completely,” said Dan Bresingham, executive vice president, ADT Commercial. “Under the guidance of this team, we can help organizations to identify key vulnerabilities and implement policies, technologies and best practices that not only mitigate risk, but help protect business stability and value so they can rebound in times of crisis such as this.” 

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