In a partnership to help design, manufacture, deliver and install a custom access control system for a luxury high-rise apartment complex in California amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns, Pedestal PRO and Convergint Technologies worked together.

From the time Convergint placed its orders, Pedestal PRO designed and manufactured several custom stainless-steel towers to house Lenel OnGuard readers and 2N IP intercom stations and had them delivered on site in less than a week, making it possible to meet a June 1 move-in date for tenants in the apartment complex.

This was accomplished despite the need for social distancing and other safety precautions in place at Pedestal PRO’s manufacturing facility that significantly altered the company’s standard in-house operations.

The project under scrutiny, spearheaded by Convergint’s Pleasanton, Calif. office, involved new construction of an architecturally magnificent apartment building housing more than 200 luxury units, with underground parking and retail on the ground floor.

“Convergint was the face of this project, so it was really important to us to do everything we could to back up their reputation,” said Pike Goss, CEO of Pedestal PRO. “We deeply appreciate our long-standing partnership with Convergint, which has been instrumental in solidifying Pedestal PRO’s visibility and reputation within the security market as the go-to resource for custom pedestal solutions.”

Tony Varco, vice president of security and marketing for Convergint Technologies, stated “Convergint has differentiated itself by building a service-centric culture with colleagues who care. Pedestal PRO shares in our deep dedication to service excellence, and our partnership has been natural because of that.”