Service providers and technicians can enable push notifications on the MobileTech app to receive automated updates for jobs being done at a specific time. Teams can now stay fully up to date on the latest information regarding system checks, network rediscoveries, firmware upgrades and more, during a customer visit in real-time.

The notifications also link directly to the relevant MobileTech pages for faster access with fewer taps, making the technicians job and day-to-day routine more efficient and productive. All installation and troubleshooting tasks can be completed faster and with minimal disruption so they can focus on providing the very best customer experience.

The following MobileTech notifications are available:

  • System Check runs a series of commands that check the overall health of the system with the click of a button.
  • Network Rediscovery determines the optimal routing path for Z-Wave commands based on the network layout.
  • Firmware Upgrades are a way for a service provider to add additional functionality or update compatibility.
  • My Binder is a tool that allows technicians and support representatives to access the installation and troubleshooting resources they need. Important resources can be managed and shared within a team by “dropping” those resources into a representative’s binder.

With social distancing regulations in place, the expansion of install and troubleshooting tools comes at an appropriate time for service providers.

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