Security and Safety Things GmbH announced that 21 new and innovative applications are currently in development as part of its App Challenge to create new solutions for the retail, transportation and manufacturing sectors. Developers from 16 different companies have been working on apps that can provide solutions to COVID-19 needs or common industry pain points. The apps will run on cameras powered by the operating system developed by Security & Safety Things.

A total of 11 of these new AI-enabled analytic apps have already been loaded onto the company’s open app store, and will now be rated by a jury of prominent integrators. Another 10 applications are expected to follow over the coming weeks. The app store already features close to 70 camera applications from which integrators and end users can choose to suit their particular use case. Using the Security & Safety Things OS, multiple applications are capable of running simultaneously on a single camera so end users can accomplish several different functions with one device. Also, apps can be replaced over the camera’s lifetime, allowing users to flexibly repurpose cameras and source more value from the hardware investment.
For example, retailers can install apps that can track occupancy levels and detect facial coverings, and later install apps that perform heat mapping or customer traffic flow. Some will assist in preventing shoplifting or address COVID-19 specific challenges, such as the detection of proper face protection, occupancy management and adherence to social distancing.

Applications in the transportation and smart city category will, among other things, assist municipalities in assessing the effectiveness of COVID-19 restrictions or anonymize sensitive data by masking PIN pads, phones, laptops and humans to provide a greater level of privacy. An app example in the manufacturing and logistics category is parcel detection, which will inform building owners when a package is left unattended. This seeks to solve a pain point brought on by the lack of onsite staff in a variety of verticals due to COVID-19.

The developers who are creating new apps as part of the App Challenge include:

  • Retail: Link Analytix, Thirdeye Labs, Eagle Eye Network B.V., A.I. Tech, TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Impact Analytics and VI Agents Solutions LLC.
  • Transportation & Smart Cities: GoodVision Ltd., Shapes AI, Sparkline Inc., OpenALPR Software Solutions LLC, ConPDS ApS, VI Agents Solutions, A. I. Tech and TNG Technology Consulting GmbH.
  • Manufacturing & Logistics: Hxd3, Vallum Software, VI Agents Solutions LLC., Sparkline Inc. and Impact Analytics. 

The challenge, which launched in April, offers developers the chance to present their solutions to leading industry players and compete for three prizes of 10,000€ as well as the opportunity to present their winning application at one of the upcoming Security & Safety Things events.

Earlier this spring, a jury of experts from Securitas, G4S, Kings Secure Technologies, Bosch, Ateksis, Convergint Technologies, Vision Technologies and Security & Safety Things reviewed the proposals and selected 24 applications to enter the App Challenge. Developers had until July 31 to complete their applications and upload them to the app store. The jury, which now also includes Prosegur, will review the 11 applications uploaded by the deadline and choose the best in each vertical category. The three winners will be announced in September. Another 10 apps are confirmed to be added to the app store in the coming weeks.