The Wisenet 7 System on Chip (SoC) offers end-to-end cyber security with high levels of protection, including secure boot, OS, storage, and JTAG, plus a signed firmware/open platform app and more. Hanwha Techwin established its own device certification issuing system to embed certificates and encryption keys into the product during the manufacturing process. When firmware is installed and a certificate is verified, it uses these encryption keys, which can never be reprogramed. This creates a trusted platform module that separates the end-user side of the camera application from the network (Linux). This one-time program feature provides a high level of cyber security that is secure by default and only possible when utilizing a custom chip. Wisenet 7 offers forensic-level image quality by utilizing multiple combined technologies. Digital overlap and scene analysis technology reduces motion artifacts and improves picture quality in low light conditions. Dynamic range is maximized and noise is reduced when composing multi-frame images captured at varying exposures by processing line by line versus each frame. Wisenet 7 employs motion history-based temporal filtering to analyze the motion data of moving objects in low-light environments.

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