The new FLIR United VMS 9.0 delivers an improved user experience, enhanced network security and full control of a virtually unlimited number of security cameras. This family of VMS products features the latest Latitude NVMS and Horizon and Meridian network video recorders. The UVMS v9.0 includes a 64-bit system for increased memory, better caching and faster buffering; is cyber-hardened for improved network security; features an updated UI for a more streamlined user experience; and incorporates cloud-based system health monitoring to help avoid downtime. It also includes easy timeline scrubbing, simplified thumbnail search and improved playback features. Improved password policy, secure communications between VMS services and cameras, and other cyber-hardening measures help defend against evolving threats. The added health monitoring tool maintains system operation and uptime, while a cloud-based dashboard gives users the ability to monitor their servers, services and cameras, and be notified of any possible problems before they arise.

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